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Impress With Dress, Inc.

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Our Policies

Impress With Dress, Inc. of Aberdeen, WA selects only high quality items to put up for sale.

We never want to pass off substandard products to our customers, so it is important for us to ensure a successful consignment.

Guidelines for a Successful Consignment
  1. We only accept high-quality clothing in excellent, like-new condition. Each item needs to be in style, freshly laundered or dry cleaned, and on hangers if possible. We also accept vintage and vintage-inspired clothing, shoes and accessories.

  2. We accept clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women in all sizes including bridal and formal wear.

  3. We accept GOOD costume jewelry pieces.

  4. Please understand that we are a resale shop and not a charity store. These are your customers and they expect high-quality items. Impress With Dress, Inc. reserves the right to not accept any items that do not meet our standards for resale to the public.


    (If you bring in more than 10 items per drop, they will need to be DONATED if they don’t sell in the 90 days selling period! This is due to the extra work it is to pull, store, and return these items.)

  6. We will accept fall and winter clothing from August through January, and spring and summer items from February through July.

There is a small handling fee that is added onto the buyer's cost, and not to the consignor.
Our pricing is done by the shop and items will be progressively reduced until sold. After 30 days we will mark the item down by 10%; 45 days will see 20% discounts; 60 days will see 25% discounts. After 75 days the item will be marked to half its original price with the exception of bridal and formal wear.

After 90 days, if the item still remains unsold, we may mark the price down by 75% off the original price with the exception of bridal and formal wear.

If the consigner wants their unsold items back, they will have five (5) days to pick up the items unless prior arrangements have been made.

Once a consigner has asked for their items to be pulled for return, and the items are pulled, there will be a $10 handling charge to have the items put back on the floor if the consigner changes their mind.

If the item is not picked up, it becomes property of Impress With Dress, Inc. We will use it at our own discretion including possible donation to Aberdeen High School, Harbor High or a local clothing bank.
Accounts are paid ONLY after a CREDIT shows for the consignor.
A check will be issued after $20 owed if not used in store credit. Payments will be available on the 10th of the month for the previous month's sales.

Any owed payments for sold consignment goods will be available at Impress With Dress, Inc. on the last day of your consignment agreement period. Consignors will receive 40 percent of the sale price of each item sold. It is the consignor's responsibility to check in for money due prior to the end of their consignment period.

Impress With Dress, Inc. is not responsible for lost or damaged items for any reason.